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Coyote Preserve Golf Club (810) 714-3206 

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Coyote Preserve Golf Club

Many positive changes have occurred at Coyote Preserve in their second full year of operation. For one, they have changed management. Secondly, the clubhouse that was under construction all of last year is now open and operable. Thirdly, the parking lot has recently been paved. The $84 rates that were advertised in an article on new Michigan golf courses in the News /Free Press last year are now obsolete. Rates of $60 weekends and $40 to $50 weekdays with special $30 weekday rates for seniors  (50+) in 2005! And those who played Coyote Preserve last season will be thankful that changes have not been made to the golf course itself. This layout, one of the only Arnold Palmer designs in the area, is quite spectacular.

Coyote Preserve Golf Club
Coyote Preserve Golf Club

The topography features rolling terrain with elevation changes and incredible views. Carries over wetlands, ravines, depressions and water hazards are common - though most are very reasonable, with some room for error. Four sets of tees allow you to choose your poison. At 6874 yards, the tips will challenge even the top golfer. Score your handicap from the back tees, and you have done exceptional work for the day. Scratch golfers and low handicap players will love this course - both for the beauty and challenge. Higher handicaps will want to take a look at the scorecard before deciding what tees to play. Five sets of tees play to distances measuring 6912, 6580, 6123, 5563 and 4851 yards - with the white tees at 6123 yards/128 slope providing all the challenge average golfers and mid-high handicappers can handle.

Coyote Preserve Golf Club
Coyote Preserve Golf Club

There are huge green-side bunkers on many holes, finely sculpted and conditioned, and strategically positioned. You are bound to encounter a few of them - both of the normal variety and also the deep sod faced traps. The par threes at the Preserve are superb, usually with carries over water or ravines. A feature that is truly appreciated (and highly recommended to courses with this not in place) are the GAMs that are provided on each tee box. With the hazards and elevation changes, accurate club selection is vital here. Sprinkler heads are marked on the fairways, and there are some stakes to help. Pin placements are efficiently coded by the red/white/yellow flags on the sticks to indicate front middle and back. The greens are huge and in great shape, with undulations that are noticeable but not severe. Yardage/hole diagram cards with recommendations on shot placement are standard on each cart.

Coyote Preserve Golf Club

The opening hole warrants a long drive hugging the left side of the fairway. An approach from that side on this playable par five will leave you the best avenue to the green that has room for error on each side. Avoid the bunker on the right however, 100 yards out. The short par four 2nd is a beauty. Carry the fairway bunker in the middle, or layup to the left for an open shot to the elevated putting surface. Short is better than long here, but you must stay away from the considerable green-side bunker complex. Three features a tee shot over water. Stay left of the tree and you will have an easy second shot and a possible birdie. There is another carry over water on the uphill par 4 fourth. Avoid the deep sod faced bunker guarding the green, and be happy with a par or bogie here. 

Coyote Preserve Golf Club
Coyote Preserve Golf Club

The fifth plays downhill all the way, but is extremely tricky. After a relatively easy tee shot, you will have to decide whether to go for it, or to lay up- probably with a wedge. The approach demands an high, accurate and softly hit shot, to stay on the green, which lacks depth. Six is a gorgeous par three. It is nearly all carry, with room long and left, though traps in these locations increase the need for accuracy. Seven is a long dogleg left, with carry over a marsh off the tee, and a fairway that slants to the left all the way to the green. Par is a good score. Another beautiful par three awaits on number 8. The perched putting complex features deep sod faced bunkers and a two-tiered surface. Pay attention to the pin placement or you will have an interesting putt or three. The closing hole of the front is very tight off the tee. Aim for the fairway bunker on the left, and carry the depression that fronts the green for a shot at a good score here. The front nine is quite beautiful, and plays a bit longer than the back.

Coyote Preserve Golf Club

The tenth is fairly open off the tee but narrows on the approach with trees and bunkers surrounding the green. A pond 160 yards out will consume anything hit to the right of the fairway on the short par four 11th. The bunker on the left side makes this a demanding tee shot. Twelve is a gorgeous par three to a double tiered perched green with bunkers short on both sides, and also one long. The dogleg right par four 13th is more open than it seems. Stay to the center and try to avoid the deep sod-faced bunker that fronts the green. Another gorgeous par three is next. There are bunkers on both sides short and long, and about 30 yards of room between the hazard and the putting surface. A dogleg left with wetlands all along that side will encourage safe play. No sense in trying to cut one here. An accurate lay-up off the tee will leave an approach over the bunker complex fronting the green.

Coyote Preserve Golf Club
Coyote Preserve Golf Club

Be long and left on 15. A good long iron or fairway wood over the bunkers on the right side will leave a short iron to an intimidating green. There is room just right of the bunkers - and this is the recommended play for the second shot. The approach on this 3 shot par five must be high and long to hold the green which has little depth. The 17th is a pretty par three over a lake. If you have a good round going, don't be afraid to play your tee shot safely to the left side. There is also room long. The final hole is a memorable one. There is ample room of the tee, and a couple choices on the second. Anything left in front of the bunkers will present a good mid to short iron approach. If you play it along the right, you will have to lay-up to the wide landing area on that side, and try to knock a high, soft sand wedge close to the hole for par. This presents a very interesting finish, to a thoroughly challenging round.

Coyote Preserve is a wonderful course.  The design is extremely memorable. You know you have played a special layout when many of the holes stick in your mind. This is true at the Preserve, which in our estimation is a good value and is highly recommended! Choose the correct tees, and anyone can enjoy this course. Play from either of the two back sets, and you will encounter one of the most challenging rounds of your golfing season.

Coyote Preserve Golf Club

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