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Captains Club Golf Course

The Captains Club at Woodfield is a Raymond Floyd Signature design featuring a nice mix of wooded and open holes along a mildly rolling terrain, that winds its way through an upscale residential community. Other features include non-parallel fairways, large undulating greens and abundant water hazards in the form of lakes, creeks and wetlands. The facilities on property are some of the best you will find in this part of the state, as banquet, outing and special events capacity in the clubhouse and pavilion can accommodate up to 400 people. The clubhouse is open year round for corporate meetings, seminars, receptions and weddings, and includes an outdoor terrace with wonderful views of the 9th hole and of the spacious grass/mat range. There is a pro shop stocked with golf accessories and attire, and showers are available in the men's and ladies bathrooms. Practice greens are available near the clubhouse, and also next to the tenth tee.

Captains Club Golf Course
Captains Club Golf Course

The golf course stretches to 6765 yards with a top slope of 133 from the tips. From the blue tees mid and high handicappers will find a fair challenge at 6121 yards that plays to a slope of 126. The 121 sloped 5501 yard white tees are another option, and the forward tees measure 5047 yards with slope of 123. Three things stood out on our review round. The course was wonderfully maintained from tee to green; we were surprised by all the water hazards, which on many holes appeared in the form of marshes and natural areas; and the homes that line some of the fairways and rest greenside actually add to the beauty of the layout. Combine these elements and throw in the fact that the design, with a mix of grip it and rip it holes and doglegs that require careful shot placement - and you have a fun golf experience. With prime time rates including cart topping out at $50 in 2004 - this is also a great value for the area.

Captains Club Golf Course
Captains Club Golf Course

On course golfers will find 150 yard stakes that are visible on all par four and fives, plus yardage blocks at 200,150 and 100 yards on the fairways. Some sprinkler heads are also measured to the center of the green, and GAM's are provided on the tee boxes. Pro Link GPS with hole diagrams and distances measured right to the pin, and also with a yardage indicator affixed to the back are standard on all carts. Knowledge of pin placement is vital to scoring well here, as the quick putting surfaces are often ridged and undulating.

Captains Club Golf Course
Captains Club Golf Course

The first hole has water in play along the right side all the way to the green, with trees lining the left. As a par four, golfers playing from the tips will be challenged by the 473 yard black tees, with the blues measuring 408. The tee shot on the dogleg left par 4 second must breach the 150 yard area left of center for an opportunity to reach in regulation as a tree blocks entry from the far left side. The safe area extends to about 120 away on the right - anything further may go through the fairway. There is a water hazard left on the approach, and a creek crosses about 60 yards away. The number one handicapped par five 3rd has a linksy feel, with mounding and bunkers along the right and water left defining the fairway. The hazards crosses in front about 45 yards from the green. The par three 4th also demands a carry over water with ample room left, and is followed by short four par. The fairway on five ends near the 140 area, with the right center about 150 away providing the advantageous landing zone. A pond must be carried on the approach, although there is plenty of room short of the undulating putting surface. A plateau green on six is a good challenge, with water short left and behind on both sides. This is an extremely contoured green with a left pin placement making it that much tougher. Land on the wrong portion here and you may be chipping on the green or doglegging a putt.  The fairway on seven ends near the 200 yard area, and the severe left turn on this dogleg par five makes this a 3-shot hole for most golfers. In fact the sign at the tee box implores golfers not to attempt to reach in two - as a house along the left sits precariously close to the shot line for those wishing to hit their second shot towards the green. A lay up short of the 100 yard area (the fairway ends again here) will leave a simple approach and a good scoring opportunity. Eight is a par three over a natural area that looks intimidating from the back two tees. Be aware that there is about 40 yards of landing space in front of the green, making the bark worse than the bite on this hole. From the two forward tees, this is a completely different hole, played from another angle with room to the right. The pattern of 3 par 3's 4's and 5's on the front side is completed on the par five ninth. The area left of the fairway trap is a good place to be off the tee, and most golfers will have to lay up on the second as a creek crosses about 85 yards from the green.

Captains Club Golf Course
Captains Club Golf Course

The back side opens with another par five, that doglegs right and can be reached in two by long hitters. The tight green complex may convince most golfers to play cautiously while attempting to reach in regulation. Eleven is easier to play once you know what you are up against. Golfers MUST be within the 100 yard area on the right side off the tee - or they may be faced with a chip to the clear area on the second shot. Anything short on the approach will find a marsh.  This is a tough hole for first time players at Captains Club. Twelve is a tight and beautiful par three that is situated in one of the most plush environments on the course. There is a bit of bail out room just right of the green. The fairway on 13 ends at a natural area that begins near the 70 yard zone. This is the second hole in a stretch of five holes that present some good scoring opportunities. Fourteen doglegs right over another marsh, with the bunkers deep of the fairway providing a good target. The 15th is a pretty par three that opens up near the green, and is followed by a par four that invites the grip it and grip it mentality. It is better to be short than long on the approach here. Aim left of center off the tee on 17 as shots hit past the 150 to the right will drive through the fairway. This hole bends to the left and plays to a tight green complex with a natural area short left. The fairway on the closing hole opens up past the tree line, but slopes left to right towards a marsh that comes into play on the second shot. There is a sharp turn to the right with a narrow opening near the 150 stake, but with plenty of room greenside.

Captains Club Golf Course

 The doglegs at Captains Club are a challenging lot, but can be played advantageously with prior course knowledge. The layout is a beautiful one, with much variety in hole design . Nice course, very good conditioning, great facilities, good service - this is one Southeastern Michigan's best golfing values. For more information, visit our informational page for the Captains Club by clicking here.

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